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Facebook Applications

Facebook Business Fan Page and Custom Facebook Applications

Custom Facebook Applications

On average, people spend more than 10.5 billion minutes on Facebook daily. With Facebook you can connect to those 800+ million users, and potential customers, and increase the time they spend with your brand. Facebook applications (or Apps) are excellent marketing tool that can help engage your customers and increase product awareness.

What is a Facebook Application?

Facebook applications (or often referred to as apps) are essentially an additional Facebook page that is linked within your company’s Facebook Wall. Facebook apps are located under your cover photo in the section of the page called “Views & Apps.” Apps can be directly linked within your website as well.

Inter-Quest has four standard apps we offer our Clients. However, Facebook apps can include virtually anything from music, videos, images, online forms, discussion posts, contests, or coupons. It’s really up to you and your creativity and vision. Below are the more standard applications you see on business Facebook pages.

Standard Facebook Applications


“Click to Like” App: Our “Click to Like” app prompts customers to like your company Facebook page.

Mini Facebook websites: can be skinnied down versions of your existing website. Would you like to a Facebook version of your current website? You can create essentially a Facebook websites using your existing website’s design and content.

Contest/Sweepstake Apps: are branded contests/sweepstakes that allow users to submit photos, videos, and forms to win prizes.

Coupon Apps: help promote in-store specials. Have daily specials or offers you’d like to promote on Facebook? The coupon app allows you to control when coupons are viewed and by who.


Building Facebook applications doesn’t require extensive programming knowledge; however, basic website coding and graphic skills are highly recommended. For more information on Facebook applications, please visit Facebook’s Application Help Center.

Using these strategies will help you start creating your first Facebook application. If you have any questions about how to use social media to benefit your business, contact our website and online marketing department at Inter-Quest Corp.

Online advertising importance

Top 4 Reasons for Using Online Advertising

Online advertising is a fast-emerging trait among the current marketers. However, what are the key reasons why individuals and organization are advised to adopt this means of promoting businesses? Here are the top four reasons online advertising will help organizations remain globally competitive.

1. Online advertising is a detailed means of running adverts.

Marketers are in a position to get a clear insight of customers by assessing which adverts brought in the highest number of prospective buyers. Marketers will also be in a position to keep a record of the customers served, the places from where they were served and the time they were served. The online system will also offer a marketer the chance to know the real cost that is involved in identifying a customer to the point of making a sale.

2. Advertising online gives the marketer the opportunity to set targets.

A marketer may not understand the profile of his/her customer. In such a circumstance, there is a need for retargeting that makes it possible for the marketer to understand the customer profile. After understanding your customer, your targets can be tailored to ensure that you are meeting all the customer demands at their specific locations. Online advertising will give you an opportunity to be very specific in your advertising as possible or be broad as possible. The information will be conveyed to your customers at the right time and lace.

3. The online advertisement gives an opportunity to boost your creativity.

Every aim of advertising is geared towards reaching the correct customers. This ability to target can be taken a notch higher by incorporating the art of creativity. That has to do with issues of quality. Online advertising offers the opportunity to include video and other types of media. The increased incorporation of media will increase brand recognition and ultimately increase your competitive edge.

4. Online advertising is cost effective.

The setting of costs is usually done in relation to ad location, ad size, the demand levels and performance. The other traditional means of advertisement such as radio, print and television are costlier. The online system also offers you greater transparency giving you the opportunity to change your costs depending on the level of performance.

It can be clearly understood that the online advertisement system offers a diverse number of advantages. It is cost-effective, means of boosting creativity, a detailed means of running adverts and more so, it gives you the opportunity to set targets. You own a business, and you need to run an ad? The online means of advertisement is the way.