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leasing IT business equipment

What are the benefits of leasing IT business equipment?

Benefits of leasing IT Business Equipment

Entrepreneurship is one path that many have decided to take. It’s a road that leads to various avenues that would include examples such as retail, industrial or professional services. But one thing that makes all these a reality is the availability of the right equipment and tools that will enable you to run your business in an effective and smooth way. These devices are sometimes referred to as unspoken partners that a business would depend on entirely to get a piece of work done accurately and promptly. Some of the equipment here would include security systems, copiers, printers, and computer networking hardware and telecommunication systems among others that could be available.

Before special equipment is purchased, it is a good thing if a company would take the time to analyze how it will be able to either buy or lease it. Buying and leasing of equipment are critical aspects that are supposed to be reviewed carefully. Leasing is so beneficial and has helped so many companies operate well with minimum costs. Some of the equipment that is commonly leased is factory equipment, video surveillance, digital signage, phone systems and forklifts. Leasing IT business equipment also comes with its share of advantages that would include these:

It comes with no unexpected cost of repair.

It is a common thing from stuff to break down anytime. That’s why you always be ready for an unannounced repair that may be needed anytime. Constant use of these tools will automatically make them wear, and therefore you will be forced to not only spend money on purchasing the worn out parts but also pay for the labor. However, the good news is on the other side, the moment you lease out your equipment, you will forget about the cost of maintenance and repair since they will be included in the leasing contract.

Easy upgrades.

The technological world has kept on changing every single day. To continue offering competitive services in the market, you will be required to keep on updating your systems for the new upgrades available each day. This at times could be very costly especially to equipment that could be aging and taking long to update the latest options. Your best bet, in this case, would be leasing. This is what you need to remember. Anytime you update leased equipment, what you will be doing in disguise is revising the contract so that you allow a recent price of the leased equipment, and that would mean you sell or pay to dispose of the leased equipment then you make an advance payment for the new equipment.

You will spend less up front.

We know that most of the modern equipment that is used in the business and technology areas is very expensive. However, if you want to avoid feeling the punch of that hefty price, the path you should take is leasing. You will only have to pay according to the benefits that you have enjoyed from working with the equipment. This will significantly protect your cash flow since you will be sharing out the cost of material over the duration you have been with it.

If you have any questions about leasing IT business equipment, contact our expert technicians at Inter-Quest to evaluate your current IT needs and develop a solution that meets your business IT requirements.

Outsource Your IT department

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Department

Outsource Your IT Department Reasons

It’s not easy to run a business and at the same time deal with all the IT demands of a company that could potentially waste valuable time and resources or even bring operations to a grinding halt. Small to mid-sized businesses looking to improve their day to day productivity have a lot to benefit from outsourcing their IT operations. Here are 6 reasons why you should outsource your IT department.

1. Improves Cost Control

When running a small business, you want to cut down on unnecessary costs and one place to do it is in IT. Outsourcing IT support services allows you to be on an affordable service plan that charges flat monthly fees for a complete management solution. It helps every business owner to know ahead of time how much technology costs, making it easier to budget and make decisions on developing other areas of the business. Outsourced services also offer scalability allowing one to pay only for what they will use, helping to save and scale things a bit when the need arises.

2. Allows Greater Focus on Business Objectives

If you are not an IT expert, why would you want to keep fixing, maintaining and upgrading systems that take away time away from your usual official duties? Outsourcing allows you to focus all your energies on the running of the business without having to worry about technical support or staying up to date on the latest software developments.

3. Improves Productivity

Your day to day operations can run better if your technology runs at its optimum on a daily basis. A managed IT service will keep your technology up to date making sure your employees can work efficiently without any technical hiccups. This does not only improve productivity but also ensures better customer service for your clients.

4. Saves Time

The time that is spent fixing issues in a field that you lack the capacity is the time that could be invested to bring more value to your business. Outsourcing means you have a professional team with extensive knowledge and experience ready to take care of all issues promptly. Besides, issues get to be detected and resolved even before they affect the users as remote monitoring is part of an outsourced IT support service.

5. Reduced Expenses in Cost of staff

It costs a business a lot of money to pay salaries to a team of full-time IT staff, not to forget the extra expenses spent on associated company benefits and allowances as well as on-going training to ensure they have the latest skills. Making the decision to outsource your IT department, you can avoid wasting your valuable resources on such matters.

6. Stronger security

Outsourcing your IT services ensures you have higher levels of data security because of the expertise of remote, hosted data centers that MSP’s provide. You will rest easy knowing that important information is safeguarded against attacks or loss in case of a system crash or data loss.

If you are looking for ways to effectively handle your IT support needs, contact our expert technicians at Inter-Quest and feel the difference of outsourcing your IT services.

Managed IT Service Provider

What to Consider When Pricing Your Managed IT Service Provider?

Choosing Your Managed IT Service Provider

Many small and medium-sized businesses benefit from managed IT services. Managed IT Service Provider MSP help companies access expert and cost effective services. The Managed Service Providers MSP have a variety of pricing options. Each of the pricing options available has its pros and cons. To get the best available option, business owners have to compare more than one and pick the one most suitable for their business.

Types of pricing options for Managed IT services

Per device option

The pricing for this model majorly depends on the number of devices your business owns. Businesses get managed IT services for their computers, servers, printers, tablets, mobile phones, and many other devices. The major advantage of this pricing model is the ability to accurately determine how much your business will spend on managed IT services.

A la Carte option

For businesses which are only interested in specific IT managed services, the A la Carte model is the best choice. Business owners have the luxury of customizing the service packages to suit their unique needs and budget. The flexibility of this model is its greatest advantage to the firm owner. However, the A la Carte model makes it difficult to accurately determine the exact amount of money the business will spend on IT managed services.

Tiered option

The tiered model allows customers to pick levels of services based on the price. The Managed IT Service Providers MSP come up with a good, better and best classification system that specifies how much the business owner pays, and the package they will enjoy. For example, the service provider can create silver, gold and platinum levels. The advantage to the service provider is that they can pre-determine the pricing for each package.

Monitoring only option

Business owners can rest easy with the monitoring only option which provides 24/7 IT management services. The service provider will keep a keen eye on the IT operations of the business, and in case something goes wrong, they will promptly notify the owner and take up the necessary action. The pricing for this model caters for the monitoring services. The service provider will charge any additional IT services they provide at an extra cost. That kind of contract makes it difficult to accurately determine how much you will spend on the services monthly. Apart from that disadvantage, the monitoring only option ensures that businesses deal with any data breaches, required updates and slow performing systems in time. Especially fro small or medium sized businesses working on a tight budget, this option will work very well as it is cost effective.

Per user option

Managed IT Service Provider MSP also determine the pricing of IT managed services based on the number of employees at a business premise. According to this option, the business will pay for services given to each employee and the type of devices they use. The company pays a flat rate every month for every employee. The advantage of this option is that it is easy for the business owner to determine how much the company will spend for IT managed services.

Before settling on one, consider all the pros and cons so that you pick the best pricing for your managed IT services. If you have any questions about managed IT services, contact our expert technicians at Inter-Quest to evaluate your current IT needs and develop a solution that meets your business IT requirements.