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How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services?

Have you thought about hiring an SEO expert to take care of writing for your company? Maybe you aren’t so well versed in SEO or even in blog writing in general or maybe you just don’t want to spend the time that it takes to come up with ideas and write them out. But if you’re not interested in doing things yourself, you’re going to have to pay someone else to do it for you, and figuring out just what you should be paying is difficult. You know you’re going to get what you pay for, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend a fortune …

A Monthly Retainer – $750 – $5,000

If you’re looking to hire just one writer that will create all of your content each month then you may want to consider putting someone on a retainer. This means that you’ll pay them a flat rate each month and they’ll create a set amount of content each month. You’re going to have even more time for other things you need to do because the writer you hire knows what needs to be done and takes care of it. You don’t need to assign projects or come up with anything yourself each month. It’s all going to be done automatically.

This type of service can be a little costly however, depending on the quality of the writer you hire, the size of your business (what you can afford) and of course how much you expect them to do for that price. Most writers on a monthly retainer will be higher quality and will provide you with excess features like analytics and reports as well as the articles.

Contracted Services – Variable and Negotiable

These types of services could include writing SEO articles, but they could also include an audit of your current position when it comes to SEO and report creation about your strengths and weaknesses. These types of services are offered by just about any SEO company or writer and you’ll be able to find out more about what you should be doing and what you are doing that’s already helping you out. If you’re not sure about what your site looks like regarding SEO, this is where you want to start.

These services, because they are varied, also have varied prices. You’ll have to work with a professional company to find out more about what is offered and how much you’ll spend for it. This is also going to depend on your business size, the service offered and the quality you’re going for.

Single Project Writing – Variable and Negotiable

If you aren’t sure about hiring a service just yet or you aren’t positive that a specific writer is going to be a good fit you cna opt for single projects. In this model you’ll hire a writer to create one or just a small number of articles that are going to give you a better understanding of their writing style, their overall quality, and their capability when it comes to working with your team. You could also hire them for an individual report or analysis or any other SEO related project one at a time.

For this type of project you’re going to spend different amounts based on the specific project and definitely based on who you hire and what you expect from them regarding the quality. You’ll want to pay attention to qualifications and to what you get to make sure you’ll have the services you need.

Hourly Consulting – $100 – $300 per hour

With these projects you’re going to have someone working directly with you to develop a plan for your SEO optimization. You’ll discuss with them what you’re looking for and what you’re hoping to achieve and they’ll make sure you understand how to get there. It’s going to cost you more, but you’re definitely going to get more specialized information and more specifically geared towards your company as well.

email marketing

How to Effectively Use Email Marketing During the Holiday Seasons

Importance of Email Marketing

Technological advancement has revolutionized the ways businesses are currently operated and managed. Through the inception of the internet, digital marketing has gained popularity due to its cost effectiveness and simplicity. One of the main digital marketing strategies is email marketing. During the holiday season, marketing and sales increase rapidly. As you compete to increase your sales during the holidays, customers receive a load of emails marketing different products and services.

With the increased number of marketing emails, it is easy for your emails to be deleted or go unread due to the commercial email monotony bombarded on your customers. Nonetheless, there are certain strategies that you may use to make your email marketing campaign effective during the holiday season. Having successful holiday marketing is a resultant of efficient planning for your specific audience. Also, you should prepare well ahead of time and optimize your email messages while simultaneously considering your industry’s best practices.

Create Targeted Customer Email Lists

To increase your efficiency, always know your entire customer base. Make sure that you know what motivates them and how you can reach them easily without becoming a nuisance through the delivery of effective emails. It is advisable to strive and go beyond sending the basic marketing messages. During the holiday seasons, there are those shoppers who buy ahead of time while others are last-minute shoppers. Segment your contact list into smaller groups to enable you to create more personalized messages that will engage your customers extensively.

Make Messages Interactive

Always make sure that your emails are interactive and once your customer buys from your store send a follow-up message thanking them and inquiring whether they are satisfied with your products and services. The interaction will increase your sales through referrals and positive reviews as well as feedback. Always make sure that your email is perfect in structure and concise enough for easy comprehension of the main subject by your customers.

Write Clear and Concise Subject Lines

The subject line of your marketing email should be short enough and appealing to catch the attention of your subscribers. Keep your length of text significantly short and convincing. Also, make sure there is a vivid call to action to enable your subscribers to act efficiently on your message. Your email should stand out from the rest to increase your conversion rate thus exponentially increasing your sales. Offer discounts and prizes to motivate the customers to make purchases from your business.

Utilize Scheduling Features

Schedule your messages ahead of time and create the messages in advance. You can set up an auto-responder series and choose the right sending frequency to enable your email marketing campaign to perform automatically. Since you will need to send many periodical marketing emails during the holiday season, the automatic responder series comes in handy saving you a lot of time.

Using these strategies will enable you to have an effective, efficient and reliable email marketing campaign during the holiday seasons. If you have any questions about how to create an effective email marketing campaign, contact our website and online marketing department at Inter-Quest Corp.