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25 Must Haves for Your Website

25 Things Your Website Must Have

While many businesses are being conducted online, about half of small firms do not have websites. Failing to have your business available online limits growth prospects. Many consumers today use online resources for their shopping. It is important to consider website development for your business so as to tap in the potential available online.

Developing a website is crucial for any business today, but some business owners ignore it because they do not understand what to do. Website development need not be costly or intimidating. A website needs to have a particular goal to achieve, and the following are some of the basic things necessary for any website. The requirements can be grouped into five main categories.

Contact information

Phone number – The phone number is necessary for your customers to reach you yet more than a quarter of websites do not have a phone number. The phone number should be placed where it is easily visible.

Email address – Avoid using free emails. People visiting your site will attach more credibility to an email address with the web address of your business.

Hours of operation – Let prospective customers know when you are open for business. The time for this can be indicated at the top or bottom of the page with clear visibility.

Location – Provide directions to your shop so people can physically find it with ease.

Map – Include details of your location and a map for guidance. Both physical and mailing addresses should be included.

Adding the map – The process of adding a map is easy using Google maps.

Shop front photo – A photo of your shop front will confirm the existence of the business.

Social media link – It is important for your business to have a presence on social media as this is what many customer prospects expect. The URL used on social media should not differ from your business name.

Contact form – Ensure a contact form with enough details about the customers’ quest so that you can respond to it.

Company information

‘About us’ page – This page tells your customers about your business and what you can do for them. A brief history of the business capturing the main milestones.

Owner and key personnel – This helps in creating trust among customers if they decide to do business with you.

Links to professional organizations you work with – If your business is a member of any professional bodies, provide links to their sites as it helps improve your credibility.

Photos of your work – Post a few photos showing what you do.

A page dedicated to your products or services – This page informs customers of what you do in more details.

Links to affiliate ventures – If you are affiliated with any businesses provide the links to their websites.

Marketing essentials

Design a Logo – A logo is crucial for your business as it will act as the mark of identity for your customers.

Customer testimonials – Let any good reviews about your business be available on your websites. Negative comments might help especially if you responded to the issue of concern to the satisfaction of the aggrieved customer.

Call to action – The main aim of creating responsive websites is to make sales. Therefore, do not let the opportunity to ask the visitors to buy your goods or services pass.

Offer incentives – Consumers may require some promotion for them to take action. Responsive websites offer incentives for the customer to call or visit you and place an order.

Email sign-up form – Create an email sign up form to use in your email marketing strategy. This is one of the methods commonly used by small businesses. Any website developer can easily include the form on your site.

Basic SEO

Every page of your site to have unique title tags – These tags provide a hint of the information contained on your web pages.

Meta Description – This is a further description of your web pages intended to prompt people to go ahead and visit web pages.

Professional website

An easy to remember web address – If it is hard to get a web address with your business name, you can settle for something close. Ensure the hosting of your website is done in a manner that will reduce problems.

Fast loading pages – Many Internet users are not too patient and will move on to other sites if your website takes too long to load. Therefore, you should make sure your pages load very fast.

Design it for use on mobile devices – Most people access the Internet on their mobile devices. It is crucial to make your website mobile device friendly.

This list is not exhaustive and can go on and on, but these are the basic steps to get you on the way to making your responsive website to attract customers.

SEO Costs

How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services?

Have you thought about hiring an SEO expert to take care of writing for your company? Maybe you aren’t so well versed in SEO or even in blog writing in general or maybe you just don’t want to spend the time that it takes to come up with ideas and write them out. But if you’re not interested in doing things yourself, you’re going to have to pay someone else to do it for you, and figuring out just what you should be paying is difficult. You know you’re going to get what you pay for, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend a fortune …

A Monthly Retainer – $750 – $5,000

If you’re looking to hire just one writer that will create all of your content each month then you may want to consider putting someone on a retainer. This means that you’ll pay them a flat rate each month and they’ll create a set amount of content each month. You’re going to have even more time for other things you need to do because the writer you hire knows what needs to be done and takes care of it. You don’t need to assign projects or come up with anything yourself each month. It’s all going to be done automatically.

This type of service can be a little costly however, depending on the quality of the writer you hire, the size of your business (what you can afford) and of course how much you expect them to do for that price. Most writers on a monthly retainer will be higher quality and will provide you with excess features like analytics and reports as well as the articles.

Contracted Services – Variable and Negotiable

These types of services could include writing SEO articles, but they could also include an audit of your current position when it comes to SEO and report creation about your strengths and weaknesses. These types of services are offered by just about any SEO company or writer and you’ll be able to find out more about what you should be doing and what you are doing that’s already helping you out. If you’re not sure about what your site looks like regarding SEO, this is where you want to start.

These services, because they are varied, also have varied prices. You’ll have to work with a professional company to find out more about what is offered and how much you’ll spend for it. This is also going to depend on your business size, the service offered and the quality you’re going for.

Single Project Writing – Variable and Negotiable

If you aren’t sure about hiring a service just yet or you aren’t positive that a specific writer is going to be a good fit you cna opt for single projects. In this model you’ll hire a writer to create one or just a small number of articles that are going to give you a better understanding of their writing style, their overall quality, and their capability when it comes to working with your team. You could also hire them for an individual report or analysis or any other SEO related project one at a time.

For this type of project you’re going to spend different amounts based on the specific project and definitely based on who you hire and what you expect from them regarding the quality. You’ll want to pay attention to qualifications and to what you get to make sure you’ll have the services you need.

Hourly Consulting – $100 – $300 per hour

With these projects you’re going to have someone working directly with you to develop a plan for your SEO optimization. You’ll discuss with them what you’re looking for and what you’re hoping to achieve and they’ll make sure you understand how to get there. It’s going to cost you more, but you’re definitely going to get more specialized information and more specifically geared towards your company as well.

The Importance of SSLs

Why SSL? The Importance & Advantages of SSL Certificates

SSL is a standard abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer. It is a form of security for sites that handle sensitive information like passwords, names, addresses, credit card numbers and others. It serves as a secure link between the user and the server company. SSL is important since it ensures that all confidential information is protected. There are several benefits to using SSL certificates.

  • Encrypting information – With SSL certificates, information can be encrypted so that third parties cannot access it. Users will be comfortable knowing the website they are accessing has high-quality encryption. The encryption make it harder for third-parties to access the information as it moves between servers.
  • Authenticity – When browsing, users want to be certain the websites are authentic. The reason is that they will be sharing sensitive information on the website. Having SSL certificates ensures websites get server certificates that are an additional form of protection. Customers can validate websites by looking at the documents to find out if they are up to date. It ensures that customers are safe from imitation websites.
  • Payment made safer – Customers who will want to browse on safe sites especially if they are paying for goods or services. SSL certificates make them more confident in online transactions since they will be certain that the information they enter is not accessed by other unauthorized parties.
  • Anti-phishing protection – Customers have been receiving phishing emails that would trick them into entering their credit card information that will later be used to carry out malicious acts. SSL certificates make it easy for users to identify fake websites from the real ones. Once they see that a website is unsecured, they will not continue browsing on it.
  • Brand reputation – Businesses that use SSL certificates on their websites improve their brand reputation. Customers put more confidence in the brand since they will be sure any information they share remains private. The business will be seen as one that is willing to advance with technology as it moves towards future-proofing. Customers will be inclined to trust the business and will be assured of getting a positive experience every time they access the website.


Businesses that operate online are advised to go through the process of obtaining an SSL certificate. Choosing to operate without one will make customers hesitate when it comes to making purchases. SSL certificates are getting more popular, and soon, customers will only be making payments to businesses that have secure websites.

Google Chrome Website with SSL is more secure

Google Chrome’s New Security Standards

Users no longer have to worry about web safety when browsing. Google Chrome has come up with a solution to address the security problem that comes with unsecured connections. Users who log into HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit information will be marked as non-secure. The move was brought about by the increase in the number of unencrypted HTTP login pages that left users vulnerable to having their information accessed by hackers as they continue browsing.

Currently, HTTP connections are identified through a neutral indicator. Users cannot know whether the pages they are logging into are secure by looking at the indicators. Another user who is on the same network can easily follow and gain access to the information before it reaches the recipient that can have devastating effects. Personal information like passwords and credit card details can also be retrieved and get altered.Users can find they are locked out of their accounts or find that they no longer have control.

The information shared on these pages is sensitive, and users want to be certain that the pages they log into are secure. The indicators for non-secure pages will make it easier for users to know the websites they can trust with their personal information. Websites that do not want to end up in the non-secure group will have to change their encryption to HTTPS that is a better and safer format.

Google Chrome New Security Updates

Google Chrome users are not keen on the ‘secure’ indicators on the pages they browse. Part of the reason is that the warnings might appear frequently making it seem like a scam. As a result, Google is taking gradual steps by starting with HTTP sites that ask for passwords and credit information since the data given is sensitive in nature.

According to Google, the move aims to discourage people from using HTTP for their websites and instead use HTTPS. HTTPS uses Secure standard technology and is easy to manage and affordable. It has new features that are too complex for HTTP and is powerful. Shortly, all HTTP pages will be labeled as non-secure to make people transition and switch to HTTPS. Most of the Google products use HTTPS encryption on the web pages.

The SSL in HTTPS pages ensures that the data passed between browsers and web servers remains private and confidential. Google continues taking the necessary measures to improve user experience and improving browser security is one of them. Therefore, Google is ensuring users have website security.

How to Order as SSL

Email to start the process of ordering your domain’s SSL. We will walk you through the steps in making your website optimized for the new security standards and help your customers feel as safe on your website as we can. If you did not purchase the domain from Inter-Quest, please have the domain name needing to be secured and the person listed as the administrator for the domain handy as we will need to contact the person to initiate the SSL purchase.