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Conferencing rooms with employees sitting at the table.

Making the World Smaller with Video Conferencing Systems

The Internet has transformed the way people handle various activities in their lives. Today, people interact easily in different parts of the world that have Internet connectivity. It is now possible to conduct business meetings with people who are in other locations in your country or another continent. As globalization takes its place in the world, businesses find video conferencing as an effective means of communication with their partners overseas.

The process of communication is easy with the aid of video conferencing systems that allow fast and reliable communication at any time. The following are some of the ways one can use video conferencing for maximum benefit.

Office connectivity

Businesses are no longer restricted to one region but have offices in various places. When these offices need to hold joint meetings, it is no longer necessary to have the physical presence. Through video conferencing, they can hold meetings without having to wait for certain times to come together physically. All sorts of meeting activities are possible through this method including display of products, seeking and getting immediate feedback which results in saving the resources required to organize and hold a get together.

Creates ground to develop relationships

Relationships between employees or among businesses and their customers are crucial. The relationships are improved when people are able to face one another especially where they are separated by distance. People working for the same company but located in different regions may never have a chance to meet. Video conferencing offers them a chance to see one another and therefore develop better relationships that may improve their work relations.

Eliminates the need for travel

Business managers with multiple branches to run have to conduct meetings with their teams located in various places. Video conferencing allows them to conduct the meetings without the need to move to the branches. It saves time and improves decision making as they get management information as they need it.

Reduces the problems of language barrier

When people are holding a face-to-face conversation, a lot of information is passed without the use of words. Facial expressions and gestures can tell a lot even when words of a foreign language fail to pass the desired message. Video conferencing allows people to take note of other messages that may be passed in other ways than words.

Develops a close team

People working together need to feel like a team that has a common objective. It feels better when the workers know the identity of their colleagues working in other branches. Holding video conferences allow the workers to develop team relationship that may play a crucial role in improving productivity. The owners of the business too can use the facility to bring all the teams together through video conferencing without having to travel to each of the locations. Thus, it saves on the cost of management while developing team relations.

Video conferencing makes it possible for people to hold meetings and have discussions even when they are far from each other. Arranging a video conference is easier than organizing a physical meeting. All activities done in a conservative meeting are possible in a video conference. Employees who may never have a chance to meet physically because of the distance between their locations can use the system to know one another and enhance teamwork in the business.

Video conferencing is the modern day model of uniting the world making it smaller and more manageable.

Can a Cloud Phone System Save You Money?

Saving Your Money Using Cloud Phone System

With the advent of cloud, most processes to do with business enlist the services that are offered to give an advantage. Savings in costs is the major reason why businesses are using the said systems that offer cloud services. As such, here are the few reasons why cloud systems help you save money while operating your business and giving you a Return on Investment (ROI).


There are a number of business processes that are integrated via cloud phone using ERP, ATS, and CRM. Once this is possible, employees manage to streamline communication through clients as well as their colleagues. For instance, once a phone is on dial, it is possible for the said customer to appear on record through the phone screen. Apart from saving time, there is a beneficial communication that takes place between the customer and the employee.

Productivity gratuity

Regarding what the employee is required to do, there is a lot of time that is saved once use of cloud phones is enlisted. Based on an essay that was market researched by Bailey and Chadwick Martin, a company saves around 20 minutes on a daily basis once it is known that co-workers are available at any given time. Therefore, there are some Eighty-six hours saved when one employee does their work ensuring that they are managing a growing business in their endeavors.

IT gets to save on costs

When vendors are used for the business, the IT business shifts some of the responsibilities ensuring that the business has fewer overheads. When Internet Protocol is managed by cloud, there are reduced costs on business. There are less IT resources to be managed when maintenance, installation, and purchase of hardware and application is lessened.

Innovation opportunities

Cloud phone system and the hardware and software used by cloud phone means that the vendor focuses on managing costs, time, and resources incurred while doing business. Therefore, it is possible to look for the most competitive package in terms of innovation while developing the core business. The vendors whose services are used will ensure that they use the most current package in the market for innovative purposes.

Disaster recovery management

There are always disaster recovery techniques employed by the best in the market of cloud technology when resolving an issue that has affected business operations. Your business will not have to incur additional costs as you try to resolve or troubleshoot a problem that causes phones to be down as they are affected by the cloud that services them.

Collaboration is efficient

The functionality that is offered by cloud ensures that the resolution that a vendor supplies is fast efficient and professional. There are no overhead that your business will incur while trying to resolve the issue that is causing a problem in the cloud network.

As such, you do not expect to lose business due to phones being down during the process of trying to resolve an issue in cloud.

Collaboration managed

When it comes to collaboration, there is no issue that cloud phones will bring in as much as functionality is concerned. Video conferencing, messaging instantly and instant connection with employees is possible.

Looking at the long-term effect that use of cloud phones can offer to your business, you are at a major gain. You are at a better angle in your business while using cloud phones, as they will ensure that your profitability goes up when your employees are aware of the advantage of a cloud phone as a tool for business profitability.

The Internet of Things

Internet of Things: Connecting the “things” in the World

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

You may have heard the phrase Internet of things, but you are still trying to figure out what it entails. As the word states, Internet of things is an Internet connection that involves your assets and possessions. Unlike the standard connection that requires only computers and software, this type of connection can be done on other items like houses and vehicles:

It has become a game changer in many industries. Companies can connect assets and devices they own, which help to optimize operations, improve production, and manage their inventory in better ways. Moreover, they can conduct predictive maintenance, give new services and open new streams of revenue.

Many industries have benefited from this technology. Some of the industries that are reaping from the technology include.

Health industry

Medical devices are connected, and much data can be shared which makes it more efficient and secured. This enhances better services for patients. If the medical devices are connected to the Internet, it is easy to know when an unusual event is happening around the hospital. It is also possible to detect machines in use by connecting sensors which will allow the team to find out when it is not in good hands. Moreover, if a device needs to be repaired, the staff can get alerts.

Manufacturing industry

It is the largest company involved in the Internet for things. A manufacturing company includes many sectors under the same manufacturing company. Devices in the different areas need to be connected to increase production and efficiency. The connection includes installation of sensors on factory equipment. The sensors help in data collection on the machine’s performance which contributes to knowing an engine breakdown. Also, it increases security since it helps in tracking devices reducing theft case.

Energy industry

The Internet for things has impacted the way energy industries are conducting business. It has made work easier for them through the use of smart meters. The smart meters help the staff get track of how their customers are fairing and utilizing energy without having to go to every client’s place to collect data. They can also get information on any outages and conduct repair before putting people in danger.

More industries include automotive and agriculture industry. The general benefits of the Internet of things are enhanced safety and comfort, better decision making and more revenue generation due to production efficiency.

Disadvantages of IoT

Despite the many advantages that come with it, Internet of things comes with some barriers. The building process is a bit complicated, and you need to overcome the challenges for your industry to run efficiently. Some of the problems are; long time value, the Internet for things security, and difficulty in customizing the Internet for things project.

The projects can take a long time since every stage from business case development to full case roll out has its challenges. It is advisable for a company to follow a simplified process so as to minimize time used and maximize returns. Moreover, some of the devices are designed with poorly which is a threat to privacy, and that’s why you will require encrypted data and Internet for things management platform to help you track any suspicious activities on the network.

Cloud phone benefits

Top 10 Benefits of Switching to a Cloud Based Phone System

For a small business, it is always necessary to think big, think wise, and ensure that you are managing overheads using clear strategies. As such, using on-premise telephone technology is a big problem when trying to hit the ground running while building your business. Therefore, you need hardware that will reduce maintenance costs and have less to do with relying on IT support. Here is your solution to all these troubles, use of a phone system that is cloud-based. In addition, here are some of the benefits of using the cloud-based phone system to help your company grow in leaps and bounds.

You control the communication modes

You have the straight access to turn on and off the features that a cloud system offers. Therefore, you are in the driver’s seat with all the solution required regarding your business. Your access to the cloud-based phone system is simple via a soft phone, desk phone, or Smartphone notwithstanding your location. Furthermore, you get to do all this in real-time once there is an issue that is critical to your business and you need to check your software.

The communication system is fully integrated for your personal need

There is increased efficiency due to the cloud system. With the tools that you get to operate using the cloud, your employees remain connected regardless of the fact that they are out of the office. As such, you are in touch with your employees as they present business presence wherever they go while out of the office that they are located. It is imperative to realize that this is possible while you have the presence in more than one branch. You have email, voice conferencing and seamless CRM tool access wherever you are to help you reach your employees.

The best business features

You may be a small business that has the identity of a corporation due to the phone system the cloud offers. Network applications available keep you on top of the line. You have access to an Auto Attendant, Virtual Assistant, as well as customer service solutions that will ensure you provide the best solutions to your clients. With such equipment in your hands, you possess the ability to ensure that your clients get the services that they do require when they require the said services.


Whether you are scaling up or down, your business needs to grow when you need new offices, more employees as well as leveling up your business to get more clients. With the cloud, you have a communicating system that you can rely on when you need to do so.

Volume increases in business; as that happens, your cloud phone will help you increase communication with your clients. There will be a heightened volume that you need to accommodate and improve your communication system to accommodate the change. You will get to pay for the said extensions, as you need them; however, once you move to a new location, cloud phone systems are always there for you.

Continuity of business

There is no environment that a cloud system does not operate; therefore, it allows for continuity with all your clients wherever you are. Elements do not affect the cloud system; therefore, you need to ensure that you have it for the continuity of your business. Your employees never need to come to the office when you have a cloud phone based system of communication.

There is resilience and persistence of business once the tools that a cloud-based phone offers to your employees are used. You will be flying to Hawaii with your family on holiday, and things will continue to run smoothly.

You can add features easily

There are some added features to the Cloud phone system when there are occasions such as summer holiday, or any other holiday. You need to increase staffing and improve your call taking efficiency. As such, with the Cloud service, you have all this at the tip of your hands to ensure that your business grows with the seasons.

Enriched Customer Service

With Cloud phones system, you have a Virtual Receptionist that will ensure all calls are taken, and there are no missed calls to any department. For every department you have, you can make a mailing list to your client that is unique.

You will manage to hold messages when they do not need to be sending them on a particular date. In addition, you can manage to answer all the queries that your clients need answered when using the Cloud service.

Time management

Some cloud-based solutions and applications allow access via mobile to employees to make your business or company staff functional. By so doing, you save time you get to use less resource while doing so and your employees get to do the work assigned to them, as they would while in the office. Cloud makes this possible by enabling you to manage not just your time but also the time your staff needs while working.

Business freedom

There is no greater need for anyone who does business than to know that all the above amenities are enabled by the click of your Smartphone. You have business freedom when using Cloud based phone solution systems. They offer a getaway freedom that helps your business grow just by the click of your finger. Get these solutions today, and you will get to realize the benefit of cloud-based phone systems in your growth as a businessperson.

Cost Savings

Above all, cloud enables you to save on telecommunication and other office administrative duties that you need. With overheads on your business reduced, you are guaranteed on increased profitability.

Cloud Based Phone System is the way to go to ensure you are enjoying seamless business operations at lowered costs.