Is Your Company’s Bathroom Really Private?

 Your bathroom might not be as, hmm, private as some other businesses’ lavatories. Companies in Japan and South Korea have been enjoying “sound free” bathrooms using gadgets that mask toilet noise. Reason behind the muffled restroom breaks: it makes it easier for people to go to the bathroom without fear of embarrassment for answering nature’s call. You might not be as concerned with buffering the noises echoing throughout bathroom stalls; but, the concept of masking noise throughout your company’s walls in order to increase privacy, safety and productivity, should be your concern.

Benefits of sound masking

Sound masking has been used by organizations as early as the 19th century. Businesses have discovered that it is essential for their businesses to be successful. Sound masking is one of the few methods that have been proved to reduce office noise.

Sound masking is where noise frequencies are used to mask other forms of noise without providing distractions. It increases the ambient background noise thereby masking the speech of other people making sure their conversation is not audible to other parties. Here are the benefits of incorporating sound masking to your business.

Enhances privacy

Privacy is important in your business and employees want to have a sense of privacy in the business they are working for. There are some industries where privacy laws and standards are considered binding like the medical industry.

Even if you are not in the medical or legal industry, employees will be more comfortable knowing that private information is kept confidential. Sound masking enhances this by ensuring that conversations about the performance of an employee or their financial or medical details are not made public.

Privacy also extends to clients who will be more comfortable dealing with a business where they are assured their private conversations are protected.

Increased retention and improved safety

More businesses are moving towards the open office plan where employees are being encouraged to work with others. While this is all good, there are negative effects of this set up that includes increased fatigue, stress and illnesses among others that could reduce employee morale and reduce the levels of job satisfaction.

Employees need to be protected from these things, and sound masking does that by reducing the levels of noise distraction that goes a long way in reducing the chances of employees suffering these effects. Increased job satisfaction makes it easier for a company to focus on other projects since they will not constantly be hiring new personnel when the existing ones drop out.

Increased productivity

Studies show that people work better in environments with less noise or other disruptions. Noise has been stated as a major contributor to decreased efficiency and sound masking provides a solution to that.

Employees will concentrate better when they have fewer distractions. These distractions come in the form of computer noises or simple daily conversations among employees and other people entering and exiting the office.

Sound masking reduces these noises to levels that cannot be heard by other employees allowing them to have more time to do their tasks in a more efficient manner.

Increased comfort

Another benefit of sound masking is increased comfort for employees. The comfort comes in different ways. First, employees can communicate freely with the management and other personnel knowing that the conversations are kept private. Also, there is less noise making it easier and more enjoyable for them to work on their projects.

Sound masking should be integrated into the running and functioning of organizations. By using the right elements, a business can continue scaling upwards since they will have created a suitable working environment. It will also improve the image of the brand as clients prefer working with companies that value their confidentiality.

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