Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Digital Signage

A TV set and a digital signage look the same, and people face problems when buying them. Although the two devices are similar in appearance, they are very different, but many people are unaware of the existing differences. When it comes to installing your TV at home, the process is easy and does not require expert knowledge to do it.

Buying digital signage requires you to know the most crucial aspect of the system. The system requires special hardware and software and the right people for the installation. After the installation, you may require the experts to maintain and service the equipment. Success with your digital signage depends on how well you get prepared. The following are some of the mistakes people make when buying digital signage.

Limited budgets

Many people, when buying digital signage, limit their budgets to the purchase price only. They fail to include the cost of upgrades, training, and hardware replacements. It is important to consider all possible requirements and plan for them adequately. Do not fail to consider the need for technical support which will become necessary at some point. It is advisable to have a budget to cover the requirements for 18 – 24 months.

Ignoring expansion

Think about your future requirements and get ready for them. Your system should be flexible to accommodate any adjustments you may have in future. When you start using your system, you will most likely have extra demand for it if successful. You need to consider how to accommodate growth smoothly in the system.

Dependence on one individual to do everything

Some people host their digital signage software on one computer, an arrangement which limits its accessibility by other people. To avoid problems get an option such as web hosting, that allows access by more than one person. It will save you a lot of problems if you have many people accessing the software simultaneously.

Failure to involve users in the purchase process

Involving the intended users of your system before making the purchase is imperative. They will offer their suggestions on the features they would like to have on the system to make their work easier. Involving the users makes you look at the system from different perspectives.

Too much focus on hardware

As much as hardware is important, your focus when purchasing digital signage should be on the software. The users will use the software for their operations; therefore, the hardware should be selected by considering the software.

Failure to conduct network survey

You do not want to have disappointments with your new system. Your clients have faith in your system and will not start looking for weaknesses in it. Before getting started with the system, invite an IT expert to conduct a survey. The survey reveals any defects in the system in good time allowing you a chance to correct them before you start operations.

Digital signage is different from a TV set in terms of usage and installation. You need to get enough information about it to avoid having problems with your digital signage system. It is more expensive than a TV set and requires experts to assist with installation and maintenance. Before buying a system, involve all the users so that you can have the necessary features on board. Missing an important feature may affect your operations later.

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