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How to Spot and Manage a Scam Artist

Picture of Scam Artist

    It’s 6 O’clock on a Wednesday evening. You’re reading the news and clicking through e-mail when out of nowhere you get a huge pop up message stating “WINDOWS HAS DETECTED SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY!”. Not only does this message look official, but you cannot click out of it. It would seem your only option is to call

Strengthening the Weakest Link – The Ultimate Spear Phishing Defense

Not convinced your employees need the training? Late in 2012 Trend Micro reported that 91% of targeted online attacks involved spear phishing, making this the most favored type of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attack. When spear phishing, attackers make use of information about prospective victims to increase their credibility, and the likelihood that recipients will

Your Bank Emails

Your bank emailed you…  or did they? What does an email from a cybercriminal look like compared to your bank?  For example, Bank of America… The email above LOOKS so authentic… What is RIGHT? – Bank of America logo looks real. – Color and style of email is similar to Bank of America’s customer emails.

Digital Signage: The New Banking Experience

The use of digital signage is an exciting, innovative marketing technique for the 21st century. In recent years, digital signage has exploded in popularity in the financial industry, as well as across many other industries. Digital signage is a great choice for modern financial institutions and lets your customers know you’re ready to embrace the

Internet Privacy Squashed, or Not?

President Trump signed a bill on Monday, May 1 repealing internet privacy rules passed last year by former President Obama’s team at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). How does this affect you? The rules were adopted last year, but not taken effect. The President’s signature comes a few days after the Senate and House barely

WannaCry Ransomware Released Today

Major news outlets announced a sleeper malware named WannaCry, hit this morning in 99 countries including China and Russia.  Do you have threats lurking your laptop, desktop, servers, and/or mobile devices? According to the BBC, WannaCry’s massive cyber-attack is based on tools believed to have been stolen from the US National Security Agency (NSA) and

Public Wi-Fi Done Right

We love public Wi-Fi, particularly in certain coffee shops where we can sit there for a couple of hours and not worry about our access timing out. The problem is every day public Wi-Fi gets more dangerous. The bottom line:  You need to change the way you use public Wi-Fi now, or suffer the consequences.

Defend Your Company Brand

Defend your company brand

Company branding is crafting an image or identity of a product, company, service or a person in the public’s eye such that when the name is mentioned it brings out a particular emotion or feeling Most online marketing firms’ stabs are neither competent nor effective. That is because they do not have a tactical basis

Top 5 Antivirus Myths Debunked

Anti Virus Myths Debunked

Top Five Myths about Antivirus Software Antivirus is software that every computer user should have on their computer regardless of the computing platform. However, for some reasons, this becomes hard to wrap the mind around due to some myths and untrue information about the antivirus software. This makes some users afraid of installing the software

7 Smart Uses for Digital Signage in Higher Education

a photo of a female teachar and students in a classroom

Digital signage is being used in higher education in different ways. The students are constantly looking for rich media to help them interact and university staff and administration have acknowledged it. The number of higher education institutions using digital signage has increased as it is implemented to serve students and staff in a better and

Making the World Smaller with Video Conferencing Systems

Conferencing rooms with employees sitting at the table.

The Internet has transformed the way people handle various activities in their lives. Today, people interact easily in different parts of the world that have Internet connectivity. It is now possible to conduct business meetings with people who are in other locations in your country or another continent. As globalization takes its place in the

Can a Cloud Phone System Save You Money?

Saving Your Money Using Cloud Phone System With the advent of cloud, most processes to do with business enlist the services that are offered to give an advantage. Savings in costs is the major reason why businesses are using the said systems that offer cloud services. As such, here are the few reasons why cloud

Help! My IT Guy Quit

Backup Plans In Case Your IT Guy Quits Every business whether a small or big requires an IT staff to provide knowledge and expertise to ensure that all the operations run smoothly. If you only have one or two individuals in your office who can make tools work, problems can arise at an unexpected time,

25 Things Your Website Must Have

25 Must Haves for Your Website

While many businesses are being conducted online, about half of small firms do not have websites. Failing to have your business available online limits growth prospects. Many consumers today use online resources for their shopping. It is important to consider website development for your business so as to tap in the potential available online. Developing

How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services?

SEO Costs

Have you thought about hiring an SEO expert to take care of writing for your company? Maybe you aren’t so well versed in SEO or even in blog writing in general or maybe you just don’t want to spend the time that it takes to come up with ideas and write them out. But if

How to Stop Buying Computers for Your Employees

Hardware as a Service - HaaS

Okay. Most likely your employees need access to computers, laptops and other technology devices. But, purchasing expensive IT hardware isn’t always the answer. Learn how Hardware as a Service (HaaS) can help minimize IT costs, increase employee productivity, and keep your business’s technology up-to-date. Benefits of Hardware as a Service for your business There are

12 Tips for Dynamic Digital Signage Content

Digital Signage Content Tips

Digital signage is a specialized type of sliver casting where videos are displayed in public for informational or marketing purposes. The market is expected to grow as businesses realize the impact it has. However, you need to have great content for you to get the results you want. Here are tips for great digital signage

What to Expect from Your MSP: IT Service Provider Checklist

MSP IT Service Provider Checklist

MSP Requirements Teaming up with a Managed Service Provider to regulate an increasingly complex inner system can cultivate dynamic business development without breaking an already increased expenditure. The expanding diversity of skill, innovation, and administration models makes the selection of IT MSP a troublesome undertaking. Playing out your due diligence in selecting your desired provider

Internet of Things: Connecting the “things” in the World

The Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? You may have heard the phrase Internet of things, but you are still trying to figure out what it entails. As the word states, Internet of things is an Internet connection that involves your assets and possessions. Unlike the standard connection that requires only computers and software, this

Why SSL? The Importance & Advantages of SSL Certificates

The Importance of SSLs

SSL is a standard abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer. It is a form of security for sites that handle sensitive information like passwords, names, addresses, credit card numbers and others. It serves as a secure link between the user and the server company. SSL is important since it ensures that all confidential information is protected.

The Evolution of Cloud Backup

The Cloud Technology

The world of technology and therefore, the world of business is constantly changing and evolving. One of the many innovations in technology that has changed the face of business and is still in the process of changing it is the “cloud“. In fact, one could say that the future of IT and the future of

Google Chrome’s New Security Standards

Google Chrome Website with SSL is more secure

Users no longer have to worry about web safety when browsing. Google Chrome has come up with a solution to address the security problem that comes with unsecured connections. Users who log into HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit information will be marked as non-secure. The move was brought about by the increase in

Is Your Company’s Bathroom Really Private?

Benefits of sound masking

 Your bathroom might not be as, hmm, private as some other businesses’ lavatories. Companies in Japan and South Korea have been enjoying “sound free” bathrooms using gadgets that mask toilet noise. Reason behind the muffled restroom breaks: it makes it easier for people to go to the bathroom without fear of embarrassment for answering nature’s

Is Managed IT Services Right for You?


Benefits of Managed IT Services Technology is a critical component of every business whether big or small, as it enables them to operate efficiently in a competitive environment. Because technology is constantly evolving, keeping up with all your IT operations can be time-consuming, costly and distracting from your primary cause of business. Allowing your business

A How-to Guide for Creating an Awesome Social Media Strategy

When is the last time you sat down to plan your company’s social media goals? It is important to keep your social media in line with your current marketing strategy. Here are five steps to get you started? Step 1: Align Social Media to Your Company’s Goals To have the impact you envision, your social

How to Handle Holiday Website Traffic

Website Traffic

Expect an Increase in Holiday Website Traffic The holiday season is fast approaching. Therefore, it is important for every e-commerce business to adequately prepare for the busy selling season. Every e-commerce business should be well prepared to handle an influx of sales as people shop for gifts and other products for the holidays. Prior to

Desktop Buying Tips

Desk buying tips

Many people around the world remain loyal to the desktop platform due to its familiarity, performance and upgradeability. If you are in the search for a new desktop PC, it is important to consider what you will be using it for, as not all computer users’ needs are equal. With that in mind, here some

Cloud Storage vs On-Premise Storage: What’s the Difference?

cloud storage

Cloud Storage vs On-Premise Storage Before we get to the main issue here, it would be well first to get to know what the two terms mean. Online storage or cloud storage is an Internet-based application, which gives you an opportunity to store up your vital documents and files online in a secure and safe

How to Effectively Use Email Marketing During the Holiday Seasons

email marketing

Importance of Email Marketing Technological advancement has revolutionized the ways businesses are currently operated and managed. Through the inception of the internet, digital marketing has gained popularity due to its cost effectiveness and simplicity. One of the main digital marketing strategies is email marketing. During the holiday season, marketing and sales increase rapidly. As you

The Benefits of Moving Email to Office 365

Office 365 Email

Benefits of Office 365 Migration It is vital to have a reliable email system for your business in order to sustain communication aspects such as client contact, supplier contact, in-house communication, and sending of invoices among more. Without this essential aspect of communication, your business could easily be crippled. As technology advances, more reliable email

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Digital Signage

A TV set and a digital signage look the same, and people face problems when buying them. Although the two devices are similar in appearance, they are very different, but many people are unaware of the existing differences. When it comes to installing your TV at home, the process is easy and does not require

Help Guide for Cover Photos for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

social media photo sizes

Your cover photo says a lot. Whether you are showing a beautiful background of a landscape for your photography business, or you’re standing in the photo covered in paint to show off your eclectic style, your cover photo sells who you are and what you represent. It also helps if you have a business because

Overcoming Cloud Security Concerns

cloud security

Tips to enhance cloud security Cloud computing has immense possibilities that most individuals and organizations could not realize in the past. But even with the immense opportunities that cloud services offer, most IT professionals are still reluctant to adopt it because of the security concerns it poses because it is a service available to the

Top 10 Benefits of Switching to a Cloud Based Phone System

Cloud phone benefits

For a small business, it is always necessary to think big, think wise, and ensure that you are managing overheads using clear strategies. As such, using on-premise telephone technology is a big problem when trying to hit the ground running while building your business. Therefore, you need hardware that will reduce maintenance costs and have

How to Use Social Media to Increase Traffic

social media

Social Media and Increasing Website Traffic Technological advancements and innovations have increased the number of internet users. In the recent past, there has been an upsurge in the number of social media platforms that are gaining popularity among internet users. As more people are subscribing to various social media platforms, it presents you with an

Home Computer Maintenance 101

Computer Maintenance

Importance of Computer Maintenance Computer maintenance is a practice of making sure that your computer is in a good state of repair. The short-term goal of computer maintenance is to ensure the integrity of the information stored on the computer, and the long-term goal is to extend the life expectancy of your computer. Remove temporary

6 Unique Content Ideas to Boost Your Brand Credit and Authority

A brand credit and authority is a big deal, and it matters a lot. It not only helps you to create SEO signals to increase your site’s search performance, but it also increases the traffic to your site. It helps you to create the consumer good will which will lead to the conversion of prospects

What is Active Directory & How Does it Work?


What is Active Directory Microsoft has come up with a directory service that was made for the Windows domain system. This service is called Active Directory. Active Directory keeps track of the accounts and passwords for all of the users that have one that are in your organization. What Active Directory does is keep all

Tips for Strong, Secure Passwords & Other Authentication Tools

Secure Passwords

Why are Secure Passwords and Authentication Tools Necessary We live in a password-driven society, where the ability to access various accounts is dependent on a couple of characters. The only sure way to ensure cyber security is not only to update your important passwords but also to make sure you’re choosing strong passwords that can’t

Finding the Right Computer: Desktop Buying Tips

Desktop buying tips

Desktop Buying Tips Many people around the world remain loyal to the desktop platform due to its familiarity, performance and upgradeability. If you are in the search for a new desktop PC, it is important to consider what you will be using it for, as not all computer users’ needs are equal. With that in

What are the benefits of leasing IT business equipment?

leasing IT business equipment

Benefits of leasing IT Business Equipment Entrepreneurship is one path that many have decided to take. It’s a road that leads to various avenues that would include examples such as retail, industrial or professional services. But one thing that makes all these a reality is the availability of the right equipment and tools that will

What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is a process of moving files from one particular location to another one. You are able to transfer files in a network so that it is in a new location on the computer to another computer and you can also transfer them from a secure location on your

What is Hosted PBX and VoIP?

PBX and VoIP phone systems

Understanding the difference between PBX and VoIP Businesses today need technology solutions that help improve communications, while driving productivity across the enterprise. They also want a reliable, high quality phone system that simply works. And with your business in a constant state of change, you need a solution that’s both easy to learn, and easy

How to Write a Great Blog Post

blog post

Writing a Great Blog Post When you are in business, the sole aim is to make sales. It is, however, not guaranteed as generating a customer base involves understanding the customer profile (customer location, the demand, and their preferences). Blogging is no different. The blogging process also entails learning about your customers and providing them

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Department

Outsource Your IT department

Outsource Your IT Department Reasons It’s not easy to run a business and at the same time deal with all the IT demands of a company that could potentially waste valuable time and resources or even bring operations to a grinding halt. Small to mid-sized businesses looking to improve their day to day productivity have

Facebook Business Fan Page and Custom Facebook Applications

Facebook Applications

Custom Facebook Applications On average, people spend more than 10.5 billion minutes on Facebook daily. With Facebook you can connect to those 800+ million users, and potential customers, and increase the time they spend with your brand. Facebook applications (or Apps) are excellent marketing tool that can help engage your customers and increase product awareness.

Would You Speed Up Already: Increase WIFI Speed 10 Ways

Increase WIFI Speed

Our Need for WIFI Speed The internet has absolutely become part of our daily lives and as such WIFI is now available in most offices, homes and virtually all around us. With such advancements in technology has come the need for WIFI speed and it is quite frustrating when you experience some slow connections when

Save Time with Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning Keyboard Shortcuts We all like taking shortcuts, right? Save time and increase productivity when typing away on your computer with keyboard shortcuts. Below is the list of the most commonly used shortcut keys. Keyboard Shortcuts Description Alt + F File menu options in current program. Alt + E Edit options in current program Alt

What to Consider When Pricing Your Managed IT Service Provider?

Managed IT Service Provider

Choosing Your Managed IT Service Provider Many small and medium-sized businesses benefit from managed IT services. Managed IT Service Provider MSP help companies access expert and cost effective services. The Managed Service Providers MSP have a variety of pricing options. Each of the pricing options available has its pros and cons. To get the best

10 Easy Ways to Spot Email Scams

Email Scams

The Dangers of Email Scams Email scams continue to be a problem for both personal and professional email users for one simple reason – it’s an easy way for fraudsters to infiltrate even advanced IT security systems. Scam artists use email spam to spread viruses, commit identity theft, and even take control of entire businesses.

Google Chrome’s New Security Standards

Google Chrome Website with SSL is more secure

Google Chrome’s New Security Standards We wanted to inform you of the upcoming changes to Google Chrome’s new security standards, set for release in January 2017. It includes new features which mark every HTTP web page that collects passwords or credit cards with a notation of [Not Secure] before the page’s URL in the address

Top 4 Reasons for Using Online Advertising

Online advertising importance

Online advertising is a fast-emerging trait among the current marketers. However, what are the key reasons why individuals and organization are advised to adopt this means of promoting businesses? Here are the top four reasons online advertising will help organizations remain globally competitive. 1. Online advertising is a detailed means of running adverts. Marketers are

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